The Luthier

Luca Zerilli was born in Udine, Italy. As a child, he quickly developed a love for music. First, he began playing the piano before learning the guitar and the electric bass. His passion for music led him to study the double bass at the Conservatory of Udine. When he wasn't studying he would perform with other local musicians. They performed all over Italy and abroad as well. 

After the Conservatory, he graduated in Web and Multimedia Technologies at the University of Udine. Under the supervision of Maestro Desiderio Quercetani (whose school "Bottega di Parma" accepts a small number of students from all over the world), Luca has learned to work with wood and has mastered the craft of building musical instruments.

Living near the Italian Alps, Luca has the opportunity to select the best quality wood right at the sawmill. He only uses Italian wood that has been naturally seasoned for several years.

 Luca Zerilli e Desiderio Quercetani